BitFest is a conference that will be organised for Graphene, BitShares and Blockchain enthusiasts.

Welcome to Amsterdam

This city is full of beautiful houses, canals and bridges. Amsterdam is a real tourist-destination because there are some world-famous museums and historical sights. It is also a city of tolerance and diversity and has all the advantages of a big city: good hotels, good restaurants, excellent public transport and a lively nightlife.

It is no coincidence that BitFest takes place at the TOBACCO Theatre in the Nes. The world’s first stock exchange was launched back in 1602 in this street when Dirck van Os, who lived in the Nes, sold the first shares of the Dutch East India Company at his house – also known as the VOC. This movement is associated with the start of the ‘Golden Age’ in the Netherlands. The Nes is the perfect location for BitFest as BitShares is the world’s first decentralized exchange. Let’s make history again!

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